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Date Posted: July 15th, 2018, 11:41 am
penis is a sound effect now

Author Notes

story about stories has (sadly) come to an end! If you liked it (idk why u would) drop us some art! :D
@Silver Eevee: uh zorri check the google doc i am starting a chapter two


Sky: gasp the banana king... HAS BEEN MURDERED acually we dont need the banana king to get to the fourth wall
Me: wow just wow XD
zorri i saw that penis dont try to be sneaky XD
@HollyTheFluffyCat: (guilt)
NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO I liked this story :( * crawles back into little hole *
@pixlyJolt: no
@pixlyJolt: ?
What if I told you...
@pixlyJolt: what if you told me what
What if I told you

I’m an LGBTQ member. (Visit Holly’s art dump)
I swear I put way more spaces then that (-.v.)
@pixlyJolt: i wouldnt care??? why are you telling me this?
Go to the art dump
I swear I I’m all brave around guys but when it comes to girls I’m a freaking pussy...
@pixlyJolt: ok???
THIS ISNT WORKING *jumps out window*
@pixlyJolt: why are you telling me this???
(Like I said to them I Roleplay when I get nervous) I DINT KNOW O@O’
@pixlyJolt: what?
@pixlyJolt: ok?
*sigh, just go to the rp if you want, it’s gijinka day, this freaking message was supposed to be sent 10 minutes ago...
@pixlyJolt: ?
Literally what. I’m unsure of why you’re talking about this here. If you’re gay you don’t need to make a big deal because nobody cares online???
@Silver Eevee: hi thank you
@pixlyJolt: im crying my dude nobody rlly cares, its 2018 on a comic website

plus, im still confused on how your like 41% ace, thats,,, not how it works?
just say that your a demibi with a preference or females or demiheteroflexible

also now that explains why sky went on my dump lol
@HollyTheFluffyCat: thank you also
@Sky207: at least we can agree on something

and also being verminophobic lmao
@HollyTheFluffyCat: we both agrre on more than that...
@Sky207: lil thing called a joke-
@Sky207: i
i was using a hyperbole

exaggeration to convey a point
@HollyTheFluffyCat: i know what that is
@Sky207: aight lol
Idek I’m a 13 year old in this hell of world we call earth.
@pixlyJolt: ok
what about that?
All I’m saying is, if you want to do it, go do it & add a little piece of crap to top it off...
@pixlyJolt: literally what the fuck haha do you even know what depression and mental sickness feels like??
Yes. I do. Because I have it.
Do you have the feeling of being so little. I do especially when I see my crush.
Also y u ban me
If it’s cuz of spam just delete all these comments. This was just a fren discussion so I don’t think other people should see this
@pixlyJolt: then why are you treating it like it's something to brag about? Attention seeking to make us feel bad for redirecting won't work, because of the way you speak about it like you want everyone to know. You don't know the feeling, so stop pretending like you do.
Oh yeah? Prove that I don’t have it. I have been bullied ever since freaking kindergarten because of my height.
@Pix: the fact that you feel proof is necessary is enough proof for me
Y'know, this is getting repetitive every month.
@pixlblox9099: @Silver Eevee:
How to beg for attention and act super immature-
1. bring up something super irrelevant where its inappropriate to do so.
2. Claiming a label or issue just to either be cool or to say you are a victim.
3. saying your age like it has any importance to what you are doing.
4. saying the world is terrible, and that other people are just making it worse because you are upset with them calling you out.
5. Evading a ban for a really stupid reason, such as this.
6. saying "oh it shouldve been private and you should delete it"
If you're going to do something stupid, think before you act. If you wanted it to be private, theres a thing called "private messages", I think you should take a look at what those are. Also, wow, you got picked on over your height, yeah, thats something to use as a shield. Im vertically challenged and even I think thats a horrible defense to use, not even considering that you are using it to deflect what Zorri is saying.
What’s going on here?
I call copyright on this eslazuli person, jk
@pixlblox9099: why should it matter? just read what I said
@Pix: ok, better question. Prove that theres a teacup in the sky that flies around the earth every day. What you just did is called "shifting the burden of proof", because we cannot prove you wrong, but you cannot provide evidence either, you're trying to say that "it must be true because it cannot be proven false"
@pixlyJolt: What the fuck. hon, I had a crush on someone for 9 months, and finally, we got together. The six months we were together was the best time of my life. but now he's gone. He's gone and every time I see him I feel more pain that stabs me in the chest every single fucking day and he goes off about his super big crush on this guy. Having a crush who doesn't notice you is absolutely not depression.
Hi. Sorry for getting personal on you, but depression is a personal thing to me, and it should not be taken lightly. If for whatever reason you feel you actually have depression, you need to see a professional. This is not the appropriate place to be talking about this. If you do not stop, I will ban comments altogether on this comic (sorry sky). This won’t be permanate, ofc. I will not be deleting these comments so I or someone else can check back on why this ban was put in place.
Sorry, it’s cause I usually talk this over with my frens on the rp site, but they weren’t on, & I REALLY needed someone to talk to. I usual prevent my frens from suiciding, but I can’t do that if I’m not here. & my family is losing money so I can’t really talk to a professional. I’ll try talking to my teacher tho, thanks for that.
@pixlblox9099: you say you prevent people from suicide and yet you were the reason why eclipse nearly killed himself one time
@Sky207: @pixlblox9099:
no one should be almost killing themselves at your age, Jesus yall arent even in highschool yet. I think you guys are just blowing emotions way out of proportion. yall are too young for it, stop making everything feel way worse than it actually is, cause this is nothing, really.
@Littledc: i actually agree with you for once
is this how you got here
@Rocatex: yes
@Aura9301: BREAKING NEWS: emotions are stupid. you may all go home now.
Everything makes sense now
Except the comments